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Employee Handbook.

At first we need to get the definition of this term to clear any misunderstanding about it.

It’s a document showing the expectation between the two party employee and employer and it’s clearing any misunderstanding between both parties as it’s including the two parties’ legal commitment towards each other.

In other words, it showing every parties his right from the second party and considered as a contract appendix.

As well it should contain the policies, standard & procedures and as example not exclusive it contains the following except any policy or procedure the company will not   adhere to.


⮕Board speech

⮕Company Mission, Vision, Values.

⮕Standards of Conduct “Types of contract if there is more than one”

⮕Work Schedules. Working time and is it flexible or not and days off.

⮕Code of Conduct.

⮕Anti-Discrimination Policies.

⮕Non-Disclosure Agreements & Conflict of Interest Statements.


⮕Workplace Safety and Security

⮕Employee Benefits.

⮕Leave Policies.

⮕Complaints, showing mechanism of complain treatment.

⮕Disciplinary Action Policy.

⮕Any Procedures related to employee and how to submit it.

⮕Employee Acknowledgement.

It’s to be written in a straight forward language without any professional terms employee misunderstanding and should be regularly update as per the law updates in the country the company work and the company should.t include any policy or procedures.

With these ways it’ll be as a guide for both employee and managers to be followed and saving their time.

The Employee Handbook should be available in the company internal web page as a digital Version.

The original copy of the employee acknowledgment to be archived in employee’s personnel file.


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