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HR Digital Transformation

The Term of Digital Transformation seems to be a new one came to reality, but it’s already exist long time ago either partially or approaching to 100% implemented as per the business running and needs and in HR we have the HRMS as a digital transformation.

First of all, we need to define the HR Digital Transformation and its importance for the entire organization, as it’s defined as transforming the HR Operation and the people mindset together into the way work is done digitally, in another word it’s not limited to HR Process to be automated but also involving people and their mindset should be changed toward this digital target and be ready for it.

And it’s not just doing as the competitor did without your own organization target and should be economically wise as well and should be as needful for the entire business or not and this Idea should be clear for all parties in the organization, also it should be customized as per the nature of the business.

From all the above and as the change is not an option you need to move forward to the suitable digital transformation for your organization with considering the main factor of success is to involve all employees level and they must be believed in that change, well trained them for that move of change and make sure they are satisfied with it at this point you got successes.

Change is the only constant factor in our lives and we need to consider it.