Consult Hour

Problem Solving Techniques.

1- Identify and define the problem.
Review the current situation and find out the root causes of the problem and you have many tools to do so such as a questionnaire or brainstorming of the group and this as per the situation.

2- Proposing the solution alternatives.
It should be aiming at the main cause of the problem to decrease the Probability of arising it again.

3- Selection of the Solution.
This as continuous from the previous step is to select a suitable solution that will fix the problem with the full consideration of the surrounded factors such as time, cost, etc…

4- Implementing the chosen solution.
The chosen solution should be 100% agreed on and should be followed by continuous evaluation and improvement as any solution has its own problem need to be considered while implementation.
The core of success is selecting the team that will be involved in the A/M steps.