Consult Hour

Recruiter Ethics

As we are in a pandemic time

 the recruiter always put in his mind the candidates are more than before and most of the professional are jobless, therefore I can select very easily and ask for a short notice interview as I want. This point of view from the recruiter shows his unethical attitude in the recruitment process and inhuman being treated, Respect the candidate, and give a good image in advance for yourself & your company.

In Interview Call Recruiter put himself in the upper level and going in one-way communication without listening to his second party and assuming the called person available only for him and he is free for any sudden short notice face to face interview.

While to give a very good image to the candidate about yourself and your respected company you at first ask him in advance if the call in proper time to continue or not and if not and both of you agreed to recall do not ignore the new call ever. 

In case continue the call and at the end of the call to assign an appointment, ask the candidate which time is suitable for him in your scheduling interviews to agree on together.

By: Ihab E. Rehan.

Kuwait. Oct 2020