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Resume Blackhole

As we knew in the Recruitment process we are collecting, sorting, scanning & ranking the collected Resume and this process is the initial and important one in the recruitment process and in our current time the volume of received Resume for one position became thousands due to market factors.

Therefore, many big companies around the world started using electronic software to fine-tuning the process of recruitment which is called Applicant Tracking System to do the maximum filtration of received Resume, It’s designed to get the only matched and qualified Resume as required and this task of the ATS coming by choosing some keyword for the position and scanning Resume against these keywords if your submitted Resume not including such keywords, make sure it’ll be in the black hole of the ATS and you’ll never receive feedback.

And if you want to be a friendly ATS Resume you need to consider many points starting from the file format till customizing your Resume as per the published job description.

And this ATS process from my point of view sometimes treating with unfairness and led to missing good talented people and eliminating good Resume automatically.