Consult Hour
Connecting Clients with Our Consultants & Partners
How it Works

We are fully committed to elevating our clients to new heights.

Clients will share the details regarding any issues facing their business growth! all the information will be collected during the introductory video meeting. 

Our partners will analyse the collected data and select the best methods combining the best practice based on their expertise and the latest innovations.

Our partners will endeavour to provide the clients the best strategies and advise them the way forward based on the given data and the timeline.

Consulting Services

Financial Advisory

HR Consulting

IT Consulting

Strategy Consulting

Operations Consulting

Management Consulting

Debt Management

HSE Advisory



WHAT OUR PARTNERS SAYS is one of the best platforms which allows HR consultants & professionals to meet the organizations decision makers and HR managers.
I am happy to be one of the premium consultants in this great platform

Vandana Adnani
Vandana Adnani

HR professional

Consult Hour is a professional wide range of consulting services platform, it will support all clients with different sectors who need a fully support high level of consultancy. It’s our pleasure to be a part of this success”

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Zeyad El Hossamy

Managing Partner - Platinum Consulting provide the best environment and tools which let me and other consulting professionals to focus in our business and consultancy services, it is a great platform and we are happy to join this successful platform.

Dr. Alaa Garad



Most frequent questions and answers is an online consulting services formed to help our clients to find the best consultants from our partners in a very short time and the most affordable cost in the market.

1- Free section under Forum where everyone can submit inquiries via the forum (registration needed)or via contact us form, the registered consultants will answer those questions
2- In the case the question submitter need more advise, you can book 1 hour or more with any of the registered consulting companies
3- for corporate companies they can approach us or contact the registered consultants for more details

Anyone can submit an inquiry for free as long you are registered to our platform for free

Yes, as long you are legally registered at the country of the provided service